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Location - The heart of the community Commuter friendly

Our location is 71 Blaxland Road in Rhodes. The daily drop-off and pick-up is super easy, via Concord Rd.
At the heart of the community, our convenient location makes the morning and afternoon transitions smooth sailing, for commuting parents and local families.
Cherry Bridge Station values community connections, and you’ll find the centre’s centrality and convenience to Rhodes a big plus in getting errands done, heading to the gym, taking bigger kids to nearby play and leisure centres, or even getting to the dentist.
We love GFitness, just around the corner, and visiting Sydney Olympic Park is always a fun activity after picking up the kids in the afternoon. You’ll find quality local health and medical services nearby too.


CBS Rhodes is designed to make it easy for our families to get in and out of, with minimum fuss. We know that parking, pram access, ramps and rails help everyone to get where they need to be. You’ll find onsite, underground dedicated car parking with direct lift access. Our centre is accessed with a secure key pad entry only, using a code, and we offer pram parking – which means you can be on your way any day and leave your wheels safely with us, until it’s pick-up time.
As a part of this thriving western Sydney community, Cherry Bridge Station is focused on supporting Rhodes families by offering with the best in quality childcare. We are 100% Australian-owned and we take pride in journeying with your family.

Designed for Kids
Built-in fun, safe and secure

It’s great to know, when you walk into Cherry Bridge Station Rhodes, that every element of the Centre’s design has been made with your child in mind. Cherry Bridge Station Rhodes is shaped to an optimised layout. It’s modern, comfy – and loads of fun!

Warm, tactile, bright and homely, light-filled indoor spaces are furnished with natural textures and elements that appeal to the imagination. We created a cosy vibe, with a range of textiles and textures, like funky rugs and throw cushions, which helps your child make the transition between child care and home. 

Comfort year-round is taken care of with controlled temperature environments – not only does this make life easier but it insulates our children against weather extremes and potential health issues. There are separate spaces for resting, sleeping and toileting, which helps your child to know where they are up to, in their daily routine. 


Cherry Bridge Station Rhodes has modern, considered playspaces that capture every child’s imagination. Outdoors is an exciting space, partially open to the sky, with sandpits, decking, benches, a hill with bridge and tunnel, cubby houses and water play, amid an enticing range of structures made specially for play and exploration. A big verandah, shade sails and umbrellas provide shadey places for outdoors play.

Security and safety for our families is a big part of ensuring everyday wellbeing. Each of our centres is accessible by secure key pad entry only, using a code. 

The kitchen is at the heart of the building, keeping good food and good health central to our daily routine. All our meals are prepared onsite with our own cook, which makes the kitchen one of the most important areas in Cherry Bridge Station Rhodes. Our herb garden produce is incorporated into our meals, and children love to pick things from the garden.

Public holidays are free

At Cherry Bridge Station, we know it’s important for families to stay on top of the household budget. We are committed to transparent pricing and you only pay for the days your child attends. A bonus for our families – care on public holidays is always provided FREE.



We only use Huggies nappies

You want the best for your child, so we made the call to use only use the best nappies. Huggies are Australia’s favourite nappy and we provide them exclusively at CBS Rhodes, with no extra charge.  

Providing quality nappies makes your child’s daily routine easier – and it works better for us too. Including free Huggies means there’s one less thing to worry about in the morning before leaving the house. It’s just another thing we do, to help support our families.  

We love to learn Mandarin

Community, diversity, strong cultural identity and inclusion are all part of being at Cherry Bridge Station. All kinds of communities are part of the everyday experience at Rhodes, and this supports every child’s learning and growing journey. 

Our educators are bilingual, are from a range of cultural backgrounds and are familiar with different kinds of family structure – because everybody’s family is different! Most importantly, we walk the talk by incorporating these values into all of our educational programs. 

At Rhodes, we take Mandarin classes every week and we celebrate lots of the important dates in our calendar – including Chinese New Year, Diwali and NAIDOC Week. Got another fun festival to celebrate? Let us know!



Room to Run!
Outdoor play spaces & indoor quiet zones

Nurturing Social, Emotional, Physical Growth

Wonder-filled days are made from exploration and imagination – and great playgrounds! Outdoor play areas that stimulate the senses as well as offering spaces for quiet play, are a key feature of our play spaces, designed to cater for every age group. 

Cubbies! Trike tracks! Sandpits! …Craft zone? Whichever way you play, Cherry Bridge Station Rhodes is set up for fun and outdoor play. Each day, your child will engage in structured and free play sessions, which form part of the daily routine.

Outdoor play looks different at different age levels. Holistically-designed play spaces incorporate soft landings and curved structures that make adventurous play accessible and more risk-averse – with fun as the main focus.